The Gods of Twilight

(from the Blue Rose Core Rule Book)

The Gods of Twilight

The Primordials, the Gods of Twilight

As creators of the world, the gods of Twilight are associated with nature, the elements, the seasons, and the fundamentals of existence: life, death, community, and the like. They preceded the conflict between Light and Shadow, and their aspects are more varied than the other gods. For instance, the Twilight gods appear as either gender, or without gender, more often than the gods of Light. Common symbols of the Primordials are the quartered circle, the square, or the one placed within the other. In some designs the quarters are colored white, green, gold, and red.

The Twilight gods are venerated throughout Aldea, but mortals rarely have the same affection for them as they do for the gods of Light. This does not seem to bother the Twilight gods, who are seen as having a somewhat distant, parental affection for mortals, hoping all beings will one day reawaken to the Eternal Dance.


Selene, god of winter, the moon, death, and secrets, is the Wise Woman, the Winter Witch, and Keeper of Secrets. In her primary male aspects, she is Father Frost and the Winter Wizard. She created the Wheel of Rebirth, so she is often invoked at funerals. Students of the arcane arts look to her and the moon for guidance and power. During harsh winters, people entreat her to be merciful. She is portrayed holding the Blade of Wisdom and is associated with the element of air.


Braniel, god of spring, the stars, rain, music, animals, and plants, is the Singer in the Stars and Green Beard. In his primary female aspect, he is the Spring Princess. He is venerated in woodland shrines, on hilltops, and wherever else people are thankful for the bounty and beauty of nature. Rain rituals invoke his name, as do rituals for sexual potency. Musicians turn to him for inspiration, and the wreaths celebrated performers wear are echoes of his leafy crown. He is the lover of Hiathas and a model for passionate romance. He is portrayed holding the Chalice of Bliss and associated with the element of water.


Maurenna, god of summer, agriculture, and community, is the Summer Queen and the Architect of Civilization. In her primary male aspect, she is the Grain Lord. She is the mother of the gods of Light. Those who work the land and care for livestock call upon her, and many civic events and family gatherings are opened with her name. In the heat of summer, some people joke, “Maurenna is loving the world too much today.” Leonoth is her consort, and together they are the model of marriage. She is portrayed holding the Rod of Blooms and associated with the element of fire.


Anwaren, god of autumn, the earth, mountains, strife, and sovereignty, is the Warrior King, the Red Knight, and Lord of Madness. In his primary female aspect, he is Queen of the Harvest. He is the father of the exarchs of Shadow and opposes them whenever he can. It is said Anwaren dies on the last day of autumn, when the spirits of the dead are strongest, and rises again when Braniel pours the waters of life upon him. He is invoked when people are beset by strife or madness and when they seek the riches of the earth. He is considered a model of kingship, having voluntarily diminished his own power to avoid becoming a tyrant. He is portrayed holding the Pentacle of Plenty and associated with the element of earth.

The Gods of Twilight

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