Night People

(From the Blue Rose Core Rulebook)

Night people were originally creations of the Sorcerer Kings. They were made, like all shadowspawn, as a slave race. Their masters made them brutishly strong, but not overly bright. For generations, they worked primarily as laborers and soldiers for the Sorcerer Kings, knowing no other life.

During the Great Rebellion, many night people were slain or driven out of the newly liberated lands. Since then, night people are found in Kern—where they are subjects of its dark Regents, much like their ancestors—or less often in Aldis, where some night people sought asylum and freedom. Night people are largely accepted in Aldin society—proof of the kingdom’s legendary tolerance.

Night people nonetheless suffer some prejudice there and elsewhere because of their origins. Although some believe night people are inherently corrupt, that is not the case, and they are capable of choosing between their Destiny and their Fate like anyone else, which actually leaves some hope for other shadowspawn twisted by the Sorcerer Kings.

Their creators cared little about aesthetics when they made the night people, who are like monsters from a children’s tale. They are taller than humans, with stocky, muscular builds; sloped foreheads; and beady, yellow eyes. Their skin is ashen gray, and their hair black and coarse. Small tusks jut from their lower jaw, and they prefer a diet of meat. Rumors of them eating the flesh of people are not true—that is a taste night people do not share with other shadowspawn.

Night People

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