Commander Jerran Osric

Commander in the Sovereign's Finest


Born in the Scatterstar Archipelago, Jerran Osric joined the Sovereign’s finest at a young age. Rising through the ranks due to his problem solving skill and practicality, Commander Osric quickly found himself in a leadership role. Though an incredibly private man, Commander Osric found that leadership suited him. He treats those under his command like an extended family, and though he can be stern, he is always respectful.

Commander Osric has a family of his own, with a husband and wife and four biological children and one adopted child between the three of them. Osric finds his Star Marriage a blessing as he never has to worry about his partners or children being lonely as he devotes most of his time to his work. Nonetheless, he loves his family dearly, and when he is present, he is attentive and loving.

Commander Jerran Osric

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