Queen Jaellin

The Sovereign of Aldis


(from the Blue Rose Core Rulebook)

Jaellin, the current Sovereign of Aldis, was chosen by the Golden Hart eighteen years ago, when she was but eighteen years old. She is tall and slender, with long red-blond hair and green eyes.

At her coronation, Jaellin was an outsider in the royal court, and is still considered so by some of the older noble families. The four Sovereigns before her belonged to the prestigious Falish family, which has lived in the city of Aldis since the end of the Great Rebellion some three hundred years ago. In contrast, Jaellin is from the city of Garnet, near the west coast, and had only been a noble for two years before she became Queen. Further unnerving some of the more conservative members of the court, Jaellin initiated several controversial policies, including increasing the acceptance of the study, if not the use, of sorcery. That policy, in particular, has strained relations with Jarzon.

Jaellin is seen as hardworking and serious, sometimes too much so. Many nights, she stays up late negotiating with foreign dignitaries or working to settle disputes between rival nobles or merchants. She is ethical and strong-willed, sometimes stubborn, but her opinion can be swayed by sound arguments. In her rare quiet hours, she enjoys gardening and traveling into the nearby woodlands to collect rare ferns and flowers. She wishes she could make these expeditions alone, but her ministers insist she always be accompanied by guards.

In the hope of strengthening her political ties in the capital, advisors recommended Jaellin marry into one of the older noble families. She refused, however, and showed little interest in romance for quite some time, caught up in her responsibilities as Sovereign. The Kern assault changed all of that when she met the dashing vata’sha rebel leader Kelyran. It was love at first sight, and they wed after the invasion was turned back during nearly two weeks of celebration in Aldis. Although most Aldins rejoiced for the Queen’s happiness, her new rough-and-tumble vata’sha husband from the lands of Aldis’ most bitter enemy did little to improve her “outsider” status.

Queen Jaellin

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