Fierra Elise

A principled noble firebrand


Fierra Elise is a young noble known both for her strong principles and her fiery demeanor. Born in Kern, Fierra’s family escaped to Aldis when she was twelve years old. Though she was still young when she left, she remembers the oppressive cruelty of her birthplace, and the relief and wonder she felt upon entering Aldis.

Fierra has a deep love for Aldis, but also deep convictions that some times put her in conflict with other Aldins. Driven as she was, as soon as she was old enough, Fierra started her political career, acting as an advocate of the common people. From what Fierra saw in Kern, it was the common people who needed someone to speak for them, and so she reasoned it would be her job.

Fierra’s personal project is establishing a Citizen’s Council, an equivalent to the Noble Council or Merchant’s council, with members elected an open vote from all citizens of Aldis. If all people do not have a voice in the government, she reasons, how can they fight against the kind of tyranny she saw in Kern. Though she still sees herself as common at heart she took the tests to become a noble three years ago, convinced that was the best way to get her voice heard. Since then many other Nobles and members of the Merchant’s Council have taken notice (some in support, some in opposition).

Fierra is both charming and passionate, but her temper, combined with her lack of finesse sometimes makes her message hard to swallow. Nonetheless, she, and her message, has only been gaining momentum.

Fierra Elise

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